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Visa is the most important particular for the travelers who intend visit Nepal. Excluding Indian Passport holders required visa before entry to Nepal. Except Chinese nationals & Refugee Travel Document holders can apply only for tourist visa in every entry points of Nepal. Visa year covers from 1st January to 31st December. HMG Nepal issues different 9 types of visa.

Types of Visa

1. Tourist Visa - Tourist who intends to visit Nepal with valid passport. Tourist visa shall not be allowed to work with or without receiving remuneration. Ministry of Home, Department of Immigration issues the tourist visa.

2. Diplomatic Visa - Diplomatic visas are issued for diplomatic passport holders and their family. Ministry of foreign Affairs issues the diplomatic visa.

3. Official Visa - Non residential-diplomatic missions personnel and their family, UN personnel, UN lassiez passez holder and their family, Personnel working in the international and regional organization, Advisor and specialists working in Nepal under the official agreement and their family and Honorary Nepalese consulate general and their families are eligible for the official visa. Ministry of foreign Affairs issues the official visa.

4. Study Visa - Students, Research Scholars, Teachers and their family can apply for the study visa for Nepal . Department of Immigration issues the visa on the recommendation of Ministry of Education, Nepal .

  • Recommendation letter from the Ministry of Education and Sports of Nepal
  • Six copies of application with photographs
  • A copy of passport
  • Copy of last Nepalese visa
  • Bank balance equivalent to US$ 3,000 per year or US$ 250 per month for applicant and US$ 2,000 for each family member.
5. Non Tourist Visa ? Foreigners involved in socio, economic development works, INGO workers, employees of foreign Nepalese Missionaries, representative of newspaper and news agencies, assistants of diplomatic visa holders, remuneration holder of any company, association, industry or HMG office with approval from HMG Nepal, Foreigners work in any international airlines organization located in Nepal, importer on the recommendation of government or Federation of Industries or Chamber of Commerce of related country, Nepalese origin holding foreign passports, foreigners married to a Nepalese citizen and leader of a tourist group can take this type of visa. Department of Immigration and diplomatic missions can issues the visa.

  • Six Copies of application with photographs
  • A copy of passport (including last Nepalese Visa copy)
  • Recommendation from the concerned Ministry or Department
  • Work permit (for the employees)
  • Marriage certificate from the concerned authority,
  • Relation certificate from the competent authority,
  • Valid Press identity card issued from Department of Information.
6. Business Visa - Foreign investors in Nepal and persons involved in trade and commerce are eligible for the visa. Department of Immigration issues the business visa on the recommendation of concerned agencies.

  • Six copies of application with photographs
  • License certificate to make investment in any business or industrial enterprise in the kingdom of Nepal
  • Recommendation from the concerned Ministry/Department
  • A copy of passport including the last Nepalese visa.
7. Residential Visa ? The Government can issue the visa for international reputed person, person involved in economic, social and cultural development of Nepal, foreign passport holders of Nepalese, large-scale investors (minimum 10,00,000 US$ at a time) and foreigners interested to settle in Nepal. They can apply in Department of Immigration and diplomatic missions abroad. Visa renewal is held by Department of Immigration upon approval of HMG Nepal. The visa includes husband, wife, father, mother and dependent son and daughter

  • Six copies of application with photographs
  • A copy of passport
  • Registration certificate of the industrial enterprise
  • Copy of last Nepalese visa (if any)
  • Bank statement expenses over US$ 20,000 per year
  • Health certificate
  • No objection letter and character certificate from their country
  • Recommendation from Home Ministry of Nepal
8. Non Residential Visa - Any foreigner of Nepalese origin residing in foreign country who wish to reside or conduct business, profession or Study, teach in any subject in Nepal, non-residential Nepalese visa may be issued to him/her and of his/her family. The visa fee is waived for those who are less than 16 years of age. According to the Immigration Regulation, the term family includes husband, wife, father, mother and dependent son and daughter. Nepalese Diplomatic Missions/ Embassies abroad and Department of immigration in Nepal . Department of Immigration with approval of HMG Nepal.

  • Six copies of application with photographs
  • A copy of passport
  • A copy of last Nepalese visa (if he/she had stayed in Nepal)
  • Health certificate
  • Recommendation letter of relationship from the concerned Embassy or Nepalese local bodies
  • Case of student recommendation from school/college.
9. Transit Visa - Transit visa generally for one week and issued from airport traveling in an aircraft having landed in Nepal casually due to any reason or any foreigner who has departed from Nepal and has been rejected back to Nepal .

Visa Process (Arrangements)
Tourist visas are issued in the Nepalese embassies and consulates abroad. Either one can fill the form and apply the tourist visa in neighboring country if there is not Nepalese embassy and consulate or can take upon arrival. Visa applications are free of cost. For the visa you most need the minimum six months valid passport and some passport size photographs. Visa Application Form can download from

For other types of visa it takes time to make recommendation for the study, non-tourist and business visa, the concerned ministry may, upon assigning the said reason, make recommendation for the provisional study, non-tourist and business visa for a period not exceeding three months.

In cases where it takes time for a foreigner to submit the marriage registration certificate to get a non-tourist visa on martial relation ground, the department may, on the basis of the recommendation of the authority or the Embassy of the concerned country, issue the provisional non-tourist visa for a period not exceeding three months.

The department may issue the travel permits to those foreigners who are not able to obtain new passports due the loss, deface, or expiry of the term there of or due to any other reasons, in order to enable them to return to their home countries.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs shall issue such permit in the case of the person holding diplomatic and official passport.

Visa Gratis

For Tourist Visa
  • Children below 10 years
  • Citizen of Nepali origin
  • Citizen of SAARC countries & citizen if peoples republic of china
  • Dependants up to 16 years holding foreign passports of Nepalese parents
  • Any who has lived in Nepal up to 15 days continuously re-entering Nepal during the same visa year and entering for 3 or less days.
Visas are available at Royal Nepalese Embassies and Consulates abroad or on the arrival at Tribhuvan International Airport , Kathmandu and any entry points of Nepal .

Nepalese Embassies Abroad
  • Bangkok - Thailand
  • Beijing - china
  • Bonn - Germany
  • Brussels - Belgium
  • Cairo - Egypt
  • Colombo - Sri Lanka
  • Dhaka ? Bangladesh
  • Doha ? Qatar
  • Dubai ? United Arab Emirates
  • Islamabad - Pakistan
  • London ? united kingdom
  • Moscow - Russia
  • New Delhi - India
  • Paris - France
  • Rangoon ? Myanmar
  • Riyadh ? Saudi Arabia
  • Tokyo - Japan
  • Washington ? USA
Nepalese Consulates Abroad
  • Hong Kong ? China
  • Kolkata ? India
  • Lhasa ? China
  • New York ? USA
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